There are times when the economy is booming and everyone feels confident about their prospects for the future. As a result, people often times spend more money. People tend to go out to dinner more often, tip heavier, invest in wardrobe updates, maybe buy a new car and… more often than not, buy a new home. If the interest rates are friendly, this is especially true.

Then, for many reasons, there are periods of time when companies lay off employees and consumers become much more frugal about when and when they spend their money. They begin saving more money than spending it. When this happens, the economy further deflates. If it slows down enough, we’ll have a bona fide recession on our hands. During times of these depressed markets, many families shy away from more expensive items including buying new homes.

Still, some home owners find themselves in a situation where they must sell despite the current economic times.

Families continue to grow beyond the capacity of their homes, employees get relocated, and some may even find themselves unavailable to make their mortgage payment – perhaps because of a lay-off in the family or, they may be experiencing negative equity. In other words, they owe more than their home is worth and selling becomes very difficult without coming to the closing table with enough cash to satisfy the loan. Consult with your lender and a professional Realtor to talk about options and discover what the financial situation really is that’s actually in front of you. This is paramount.

(Even as the market continues to rebound in 2015, saving your home or finding a way to sell it without suffering can often be worked out.)